2019 Foundation Day

Last week the College celebrated its 26th year in its Foundation Day celebrations in various ways including a College Eucharist service, a school photo on the oval, the Primary Fancy Dress Ball and Early Years concert, and the Courtyard run.

We celebrated and rejoiced in our diversity, our different backgrounds, gifts, and stages in life, which, when brought together in a nurturing community, become such a powerful force for good in our world.

As a College family we gathered to give thanks for the creative spirits of our forebears who were responsible for the founding of our College.

Our ongoing challenge is to identify what we can achieve each year to ensure our founding day has relevance, the founders’ vision is rewarded and is reinvigorated for those who are a part of our community. At the service, we declared that we respect and value our founders’ vision and committed to realising our Christian values and the opportunities we have been provided. Today, we continue to celebrate our Christian heritage, our community and our College.

Foundation Day is a defining moment, accompanied with a sense of gratitude for what we have.  But what do we have? Not long after my arrival this year I asked the students and staff:  What is the St John’s Way? What is unique about our College and what is the essence of our work?  We found the following values were key aspects of the St John’s Way:

Courage and Love
Belonging and Family
Innovation and Spirit

We listened to what’s at the heart of our College from some of the people who should know, our students. Their love for the College and how they are loved, the opportunities they have been given, the great learning activities teachers provide, the way they learn from each other and solve problems together, the exciting things they are doing with STEM; the way they are motivated to do their best as great role models, how they support one another no matter what, and the way teachers support and mentor our students throughout the year. They spoke about the service opportunities they have been provided and the spirit of servant leadership they see modeled every day.

Let us continue to celebrate the spirit that is within our College, to thank all who work, teach and learn here and keep the St John’s Way alive …

Mrs Maria McIvor