A Great Start to Learning – Kindergarten and Early Years

When visiting the Early Years classrooms at St John’s Anglican College you will be amazed to see what our very youngest students are learning. Literacy and numeracy are not the only essential components of the St John’s program – STEM also has a significant place. STEM is an acronym for Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics and it is much more than four single subjects. In fact, it is more like a way of thinking about learning that integrates knowledge across the subject areas. We know that children learn best when they can make connections across different disciplines and contexts and traditional approaches to teaching subjects in isolation do not provide the optimum learning experience. Therefore, children in these settings may not reach their full potential. The Early Years program at St John’s is different. It introduces every child to inquiry learning and investigations in STEM which provide opportunities for deep, collaborative learning and the use of a wide variety of technology. These opportunities blend perfectly with the units of inquiry we teach through the International Baccalaureate (IB) Primary Years Program. St John’s is pleased to announce that we are now an IB World School which means that all students from Kindergarten to secondary, now have the wonderful advantage of a world-class education.
The strong foundations provided in the Early Years at St John’s prepare each child for exciting learning experiences in older grades, such as personal projects, coding, robotics, Young Inventors, Science Club and our Future Thinkers Program. There is no doubt that our children not only require exceptional skills in literacy and numeracy in this day and age, they also must know how to use technology in innovative ways to design, create, communicate and problem solve. And this starts with Kindergarten! The wonderful STEM program at St John’s which commences in the first years of schooling gives each child the confidence they need and the perfect start for lifelong learning.We invite families who are looking to place their child in a progressive, technology rich, world class learning environment to contact us to make a time when our Head of Primary can show you our facilities and provide an experience in our Early Years classrooms during a normal school day. Please contact our Registrar, Janette Collins to make a time for your visit – jcollins@sjac.qld.edu.au