ABCC (After and Before College Care)

As part of our commitment to families, ABCC and Early Years ABCC offers quality care and recreational activities for students from Prep to Senior Years.

ABCC and Early Years ABCC are located on our Primary Campus.

Operating hours are from:
ABCC – 6.45-8.30am 3.00-6.30pm
Early Years – 6.45-8.40am 3.00-6.30pm

Vacation Care is also available.

The program is underpinned by the Nation Quality Framework and the Approved Frameworks used are My Time Our Place (ABCC) and Belonging Being and Becoming (EY ABCC).

The program will provide opportunities for children to choose activities either as individuals or in small groups to pursue experiences that are of their own choice. They will reflect a variety of activities that allow children to participate in creative and imaginative play, including elements of music, dance, drama, art and craft as well as choosing to have time to think and create. Activities will be appropriate to the age, skills and interests of the children in attendance and will stimulate emotional, intellectual, lingual, physical, recreational and social potential.

ABCC Enrolment Information

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For further information email ABCC or Ph 07 3372 0800.