Balanced Life Program

Studies indicate that children involved in a number of different activities learn to manage their time better and achieve at a higher rate.

At St John’s, we ensure all students balance their academic studies with sporting, and cultural activities.

In the Primary years, children are encouraged to participate in sporting or cultural activities and clubs of their choice. The selection is extensive and changes from term to term.  

In the secondary years, your child will participate in at least one sporting or performing arts activity of their choice each semester.

This provides your child with the opportunity to interact with a variety of people and helps them as young adults to assimilate into the next phase of their life.

We find many of our graduates remain involved in cultural and sporting activities long after they leave the College, leading to a well-balanced adult life.

The College Balanced Life Program provides a framework for your child to set personal development goals, plan their time and direct energies to activities in a structured, meaningful way.

This not only includes a balanced approach to extra-curricular participation in sport and performing arts, but also to our Service Life Program

Your child will learn the value of active participation and service, developing self-confidence and forming lifelong habits that equip them to be tomorrow’s leaders.