When each family begins their enrolment with St John’s they receive a New Student Orientation Handbook. This is a very useful publication and should be referred to throughout the year for day to day information along with the Student Diary. Students in the secondary school also received the Laptop Handbook.

St John’s very helpful staff are happy to help you get started so please contact us for any assistance you may require.


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Second-hand Book Information

Note –  there are a number of community advertisements for second-hand books for sale. The only books which will be used by St John’s in 2017 are the books listed on the second-hand list at the bottom of this page. The College cannot take responsibility for second-hand books which have been purchased elsewhere.

For queries regarding secondhand books in stock, please email secondhandbooks@sjac.qld.edu.au

2017 Secondhand Booklist

If you are BUYING secondhand books click here

If you are SELLING books click here