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Final Week of Year 12


It has been an exciting week for St John’s Seniors as they celebrated their final week of school.

St John’s Seniors began the week on Monday evening at the Night of Celebration. It was an enjoyable evening for the Year 12 students, award recipients, parents, invited guests and staff. The Night of Celebration allows St John’s to recognise students for their outstanding achievements. It is also a pleasure to join together and to reflect on the great memories from the year.

The following day the students visited St John’s College at the University of Queensland which provided opportunities to reflect on the past and also to look forward. The Year 12 students shared their emotions as they reflected on their time at school.

As part of the weeklong celebration, Year 12 students, parents and teachers gathered together for the Year 12 Valedictory Dinner and Final Chapel Service. Throughout the evening guests enjoyed a delicious dinner and dessert, whilst being entertained by Year 12 Performing Arts students, guest speakers, creative videos and images. St John’s Deputy Head of College, Mrs Hinchliffe showcased a video for the Year 12 students, which featured the extraordinary teachers from St John’s. This piece of entertainment will never be forgotten by the students.

On the day prior to the final farewell, Year 12 students attended Dream World for an unforgettable day of fun. The excursion provided students with the opportunity to enjoy one another’s company in a relaxed environment.

This brings us to the final day of celebration for our Year 12 students. Today the Year 12 students began their journey at the Primary School, Alpine Place, where they attended a service. Afterwards all Primary School students formed a guard of honour, which stretched from the Chapel to the entrance of the College. Year 12 Years then proceeded on to the Secondary School, where they were presented with their QCE certificate. The day ended with another guard of honour which was formed by our Secondary students. As the Year 12 students proceeded to walk through they were farewelled by the students and teachers. This was a very emotional time for all students, teachers and Year 12 parents.

St John’s is very proud of all students and we know that our graduates are well educated, respectful, resilient and compassionate people. We wish you all the best as you go out into the world and achieve many great things.

Congratulations to the St John’s Seniors of 2015, we look forward to seeing you at the One Year Reunion. Finishing off always remember, “IMPOSSIBLE DOES NOT EXIST”!


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