Future Thinkers

Future Thinkers is a Queensland-first, out-of-the-box subject that is already being recognised as the future direction for education.

Queensland Minister for Science Leanne Enoch discusses the future thinkers at St John's.

It started in 2012 as a two-year elective course for Years 9 and 10 with many other schools offer a similar program as an after-school club. We are the first to offer it as a timetabled, subject within the curriculum.

Under the new government educational direction, innovative courses such as this may soon be included as part of your child’s senior level subjects.

We are already preparing our primary students for Future Thinkers by providing extension activities from as early as Year Three.  Future Thinkers focusses on the new buzz phrase in education – inquiry-based learning.

Modern education is not just about pouring facts over children. It is about engaging students to become problem solvers.  In Future Thinkers, students work together in dynamic teams to solve future problems by using creative and critical thinking.

It requires students with a variety of skills, both academic and creative, so all children can be involved. We also provide guests speakers with real-world experience to help guide the children. Future Thinkers will make your child more desirable to employers because they can collaborate and have real-world problem-solving skills.

The subject doesn’t have a set curriculum but does enter students into two competitions to develop their innovative problem-solving skills.

One team even won their category in the International Conrad Spirit of Innovation Challenge in NASA, Florida; the first time an Australian team has won the prestigious competition.

Future Thinkers fits into the Australian Curriculum encouraging students to develop the knowledge, skills and dispositions to think deeply and logically.