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Ayako Kunishima wins the 2014 Gilking Cup.


St John’s congratulates Year Twelve student, Ayako Kunishima for winning the Gilking Cup 2014 Award for Excellence, an annual competition run by Gilkling School Supplies to promote the best design projects from Senior Technology Studies.

Ayako designed and created a revolving and illuminated music box lamp as part of her Year Eleven Industrial Design Portfolio.  The judges of the Gilking Cup commented that they were ‘very impressed by the innovation and quality of the product, along with the professional entry application provided detailing the concept behind the innovation.’

As a result of winning the 2014 award, St John’s is the holder of the annual Gilking Cup for 2015 and has received a $400 voucher for Gilking Industrial Design products.

Congratulations Ayako, for creating a useful and beautiful product.

Ayako's Music Box LampGilking Logo






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