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Maddison Constructs a Kitchenette for Kindergarten Students


Do you remember as a young child, pretending to cook delicious food was one of the most exciting imagination games you could play? Well, yesterday St John’s Year 11 student, Maddison Pascoe turned this into a reality for our Kindergarten students. Maddison delivered a custom built kitchenette, which she designed and constructed for her Technology Studies assessment. Maddison, explained, “I really enjoyed the opportunity to design and build a project for the client, St John’s Primary and I hope that the students enjoy using my project for educational activities”.

As a part of the 2015 Technology Studies curriculum, Year 10 students were asked to design and develop a Community Project around the theme of ‘Play’. Maddison’s specifications for her project included, ensuring the toys were safe for young children and that the project would allow children to play together. She also considered appropriate sizing for her kitchenette and ensured bright colours were included. There was also a number of creative and innovative idea’s which arose from the assessment including the completion of toy trains, planes, chessboards and puzzle games.

In order for Maddison to be successful in her project, a number of key steps were to be completed. At the beginning of the project students researched client needs and their likes/dislikes. Following on, step two involved developing concepts and researching design factors to arrive at a solution.  Students then planned the construction phase and were required to formalise their drawings before entering into the manufacturing stage.  Project construction took place in the Design and Engineering Technology workshops at St John’s Secondary School under the guidance of our DET teacher, Mr Chris Ralph. On completion, students evaluated the success of their Community Project, allowing them to develop a solid understanding of the assessment piece.

We are very proud of the student’s innovative and creative Community Projects.

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