Old Collegian Gold Coast Kokoda Challenge

Old Collegian Lachlan Nuttall (Class of 2014) returned to St John’s yesterday to share his experience of competing in the Gold Coast Kokoda Challenge in July this year. Speaking at the secondary school assembly, Lachlan reflected on the 96km team endurance event in the Gold Coast Hinterland spanning over 22 hours of mountainous terrain.

Lachlan said “the lessons I learned about myself from this event are things I can take into all facets of my life because over those 96kms not only was I tested physically but mentally and emotionally as well. The key realisation I had was understanding the amazing things you are capable of when you believe in yourself, word hard and prepare, push through pain and ultimately see a challenge through to the end”.

He challenged the students to put their minds to a goal, whether it is to improve their grades, play a particular sport, or improve their instrument skills. By committing and the willingness to work hard and believe in yourself, you can do it!

Lachlan and his team raised $1,941 for the Kokoda Youth Foundation. Congratulations and we look forward to learning what’s next!