Primary School

Years Three to Six

Students in our primary school enjoy the advantages of a close-knit community while still being an integral part of a large independent school. Teachers team together and develop innovative, informed academic programs designed to engage each student.

Literacy and Numeracy

In these years, your child will be encouraged to pursue high standards in Literacy and Numeracy, drawing on the latest national and international research as well as the National Curriculum. We pride ourselves on our flexibility to expand the Curriculum. This allows children to think deeper, apply their knowledge in new and different ways and develop innovative, higher-order thinking skills.

Extended programs

Every child is exposed to Speech and Drama, Mandarin Chinese and expanded instrumental music lessons to promote their intellectual growth. They also learn valuable communication and technology skills.

Academic achievement

We are proud of our excellent academic results, including the Years 3 and 5 National Assessment Program for Literacy and Numeracy (NAPLAN) tests. These publicly available results clearly demonstrate that our students are high achievers.

Our highly experienced Learning Enhancement Team identifies gifted students and provides additional support and a personalised program in consultation with parents to achieve their heightened learning goals.

Performing Arts

An integral of your child’s education is involvement in the Performing Arts Centre of Excellence program, studying Instrumental Music, Speech, Drama and Singing in the classroom. Your child will also have their time in the spotlight as part of choral groups, bands, string ensembles and dance troupes.


Your child will have the opportunity to play representative sports inThe Associated Schools, Junior competition (JTAS).  Sports include Rugby Union, Football (Soccer), Cricket, Netball, Touch Football, Tennis and Hockey.

They will be able to compete at school and representative levels in Athletics, Swimming and Cross-Country.

A squad of keen staff and students, supported by parents, trains two mornings a week year-round at our Running Club. This approach to developing stamina and fitness has resulted in the College consistently improving its performance in track and field and in the pool.

We are now positioned as a highly competitive school in district sports competitions and the premier JTAS competition.

Computer Technology

Teachers and students are able to use programs such as One Note to communicate, learn and share. The programs also effectively allow teachers to monitor your child’s engagement in the learning program on a daily basis.

We have other programs which analyse data to identify individual strengths and weaknesses, so that teaching programs can be modified to assist each student to reach their potential.