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Rite Journey Departure Ceremony

Reflection time in the Rite Journey

On Friday, 5 February St John’s Year Nine students began the Rite Journey Departure Ceremony with a sleepover at the College.

The next morning, the students woke early to start the trip down to the lake. Arriving at the lake at 5am, the students were then asked to sit quietly and reflect on their childhood. The students were then asked to write three behavioural traits from their childhood on a stone which they would like to leave behind. These stones were then thrown into the late to symbolise that the students were moving forward without those behaviours.

When the students returned to St John’s they were given the task of planting a tree in the school grounds. The purpose of this activity was to show the students that as the tree grows taller and stronger, the students will also grow throughout the Rite Journey program.

Afterwards the students were joined by their families for a delicious breakfast. It was great to see the involvement of each family as the Rite Journey Departure Ceremony is a very important part of the Year Nine curriculum at St John’s.

Prior to the breakfast, the student’s families were also asked to bring along an item from the student’s childhood. A large variety of precious items were brought along, one being a newspaper edition on the same day as one student’s birth. These items brought a lot of emotion and memories to the surface as the families reflected on the exciting future for the students.

Thank you to all teachers who were involved in the Rite Journey Departure Ceremony. It really was an enjoyable morning and a fantastic way to stay off the program. We look forward to hearing all about the Departure Ceremony from the students.



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