Service Life

Your child will be a happier, healthier and more compassionate global citizen when they have the opportunity to take part in our extensive Service Life Program.

There’s a good reason St John’s is named after St John the Evangelist who preached the importance of loving one another.

Studies show that children who practise caring for others less fortunate than themselves are more grateful for what they have.

Our Service Life Program helps raise awareness of the needs of others, develops a culture of spirituality, and inspires a sense of empathy and responsibility towards all members of the community.

In the Primary years, your child will learn about serving others through our Personal Development and Religious and Values Education programs. Children practise service to others by participating in a range of activities within our College and by supporting community charities. The International Baccalaureate Program in the primary years will encourage your child to develop international mindedness and the desire to take action to help those in need.

It is compulsory for Years Seven to 10, but we encourage all students to help others.

In Year Seven, students participate in fundraising projects for Anglicare who meet the material, social, emotional and spiritual needs of the local and global community.

From Years Eight to 10, students decide which service programs they would like to support.

One of the students’ most meaningful events is the annual homeless awareness activity where students spend the night sleeping on cardboard on the floor of St John’s Cathedral in the city. The students develop a sense of empathy, understanding and care from the activity.

Even though our Service Life Program is not compulsory in the senior years, we find many students volunteer for community service and charity work simply because they have learnt to become responsible, caring and sharing global citizens.

Service to the community will become a natural part of your child’s life.