St John’s Connect – Let’s Talk About… Breakfast Series

This morning marked the first St John’s Connect – Let’s Talk About…Breakfast Series hosted by Principal, Mrs Maria McIvor together with Deputy Principal – Curriculum, Mr Andrew Landroth. The morning provided an opportunity to update parents on the new ATAR system and the educational changes facing our students and the College.

The morning was spent discussing what we know about our students, followed by an analysis of the new ATAR system and what St John’s is doing in response to this change:

Restructuring our timetable
Reviewing our teaching practice
Considering our teaching and learning framework
Customising the learning experience
Innovative curriculum
Data & research-driven best practice

Mrs McIvor said “we are delighted with the lively interest in this new event series and look forward to bringing many more to the community in 2020”.

The Let’s Talk About…Breakfast Series is an opportunity for parents to share with their children a coffee and croissant, and listen to someone from our own community, connect with them as they share their story of life, work, and community.

If you are a parent willing to be a part of this for future breakfast events and would like to spend an hour before work with your child, then please contact the St John’s Development Office to register your interest as we would love to hear from you.