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St John’s Scholars


Today St John’s welcomed our 2015 graduates and families back to the College who had been awarded an OP 1-5. The morning started with an awards ceremony, where the graduates were recognised for their wonderful achievements. Families and graduates and senior leaders were invited to attend and morning tea.

Congratulations goes to the followings graduates on their outstanding academic achievements in 2015, Thasmika Gokal and Melissa You for receiving OP scores of 1; Hannah Le Breton and Bryn Scholefield for OP scores of 2; and to Oluwaseyifunmi Agbejule, Danika Haseler, Sune Joubert, Louise Odendaal and Jenna Scholefield for OP scores of 3; Claudia Dunn- Palmer, Caitlin Johns, Travis Platz and Rebecca Quick for receiving OP scores of 4 and to Jenny Ly, Bao Nguyen and Hannah Nicol for OP scores of 5.

It is the continued diligence and commitment of our students, supported by caring and capable teachers from the Early Years upwards that sets St John’s apart. We look forward to hearing of the further study and employment opportunities offered to our 2015 Old Collegians at future Old Collegians events.

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