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St John’s Students Set to Participate in the 2017 Conrad Spirit of Innovation Challenge


Congratulations to Zoe Christofis, Nikky Ly, Gayathri Menon, Monique Pike and Richa Patel (known as The Professors) who have been chosen to represent St John’s in the Finals of the Conrad Spirit of Innovation Challenge in April (  For the third year running, St John’s is sending students to this international competition at the Kennedy Space Centre in Florida.

Using 21st Century skills of collaboration, communication, creativity and innovation, The Professors created “Professor Pressure”, wearable pressure sensing technology coupled with a mobile App, to assist labourers and workers in the mining, agriculture and construction industries.  Workers in these industries face the problem of Whole Body Vibrations which can cause diseases and injuries such as RSI, Raynaud’s Disease and other motion disorders. 

Professor Pressure is an innovative product which consists of three layers of clothing to ensure comfort and flexibility for the worker while pressure sensors detect the pressure on the body experienced by vibrations and sends the data via blue tooth where it is displayed on 3D infrared model creating a better life for workers.

The St John’s team will be up against 12 other international finalists in their division pitching their product to leading entrepreneurs, government officials and scientists.  We wish them all the best for this exciting opportunity.

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