Facilities Development

St John’s Anglian College strategically plans for its future development, following a consultative processes and according to the long term facilities development needs of a growing school.

The College’s future facilities development are outlined in the 2019-2024 Built Environment Plan which is openly shared with the community – 2019-2024 Built Environment Plan Brochure.

This plan builds on earlier improvements including:

  • The 750 tiered seating College Auditorium (2013)
  • Gymnasium (2013)
  • Refurbishment of eight Primary School Classrooms (2015)
  • Primary STEM Institute (2017)
  • Performing Arts Centre Stage (2016 – 2017)
  • Refurbishment of the MAST building to incorporate the STEM Institute’s Design Centre (2017-2018)

Performing Arts Centre

The recently opened Stage 2 of the Performing Arts Centre; a significant milestone in the history of our College.

This multi-purpose facility accommodates the 750 seat Auditorium and includes Green Rooms and Drama teaching spaces. The recently completed second stage development completed the complex at the northern end, with the addition of open-plan learning areas doubling as foyer spaces, additional amenities, performance and recording spaces, Music Department teaching spaces and staff facilities – all over three levels.

We are pleased to share our state of the art facility, the best in Brisbane’s South Western corridor, with community arts groups out of school hours.

STEM Institute – Design Centre

The MAST (Maths, Art, Science and Technology) building, completed in 2005 has recently been refurbished to create a learning common. The Centre accommodates flexible teaching modes, individuals or groups and project work combining digital technology, design and art and workshop spaces for building prototypes.

The Maths Classrooms have also been redesigned to incorporate large group spaces, year group seminars and external examinations.