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2013 OP Results


The 2013 OP results are very pleasing with the highest number of six OP 1’s in the history of St John’s. One third of the domestic students received an OP 1-5. These results overall equal or better the 2012 in all areas.

We are very proud of our Year 12 students and their teachers and congratulate them on a great outcome.

In our community it is important that all students who have done well in their final year in 2013 are recognized. I am pleased to share these achievements with you:

    1. The achievement of 6 OP1’s from a cohort of 88 eligible students is not only the highest number in the history of the College but a very credible percentage and favourably comparable with Queensland’s best schools.
    2. Having 59 students in the OP 1-10 band is very pleasing and due largely to the commitment of the individuals involved and the whole year level working together to support one another in the goal of producing their very best outcome.
    3. Having 89% of students in the OP 1-15 band, a statistic which has been rising every year, will place the College favourably in the rankings.
    4. The Core Skills Test scores were very credible and a testimony to the hard work applied by the students to the task and the tutoring provided by senior staff members through our Master Class program.
    5. Some students opted to take on the Business Certificate Three Course as part of their senior studies course through our partnership with AXIOM College, which guarantees a student the equivalent of an OP 15 upon completion. Students who opted for this pathway have received entry to the course of their choice at TAFE, which is an excellent achievement. All students who are not university bound should be enrolled in this course.
    6. The College Senior Pathway’s program offers all students the opportunity to gain an OP 15 or better. There should be no students at St John’s who gain anything less.


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