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2016 College Captains, Prefects and Student Leaders Announced


St John’s is delighted to announce the appointment of our new College Captains, Prefects and Student Leaders for 2016.

On Tuesday 3 November, St John’s 2015 College Captains and Prefects welcomed the incoming 2016 Student Leaders. Their was so much excitement in the College Auditorium it was difficult to even hear the announcements.

St John’s is very proud of all students and we are confident that the 2016 Student Leaders will strive to be their very best. We would also like to take the time to thank our wonderful College Captains, Prefects and Student Leaders of 2015 who have dedicated so much time to the school.

We wish the following students listed below the very best in their leadership roles for next year.

COLLEGE CAPTAINS: Jonathan Reid and Abbey MacDonald


Prefect of Sport: Mitchell Drew and Grace Hsu

Prefect of Performing Arts: Jonathan Riley and Almeera Azam

Prefect of Academics: Dominic Bowden and Chloe de Nys

Prefect Bow Qing Tian: Ben Kozij and Kelsey Hannah

Prefect Braithwaite: Harrison Ide and Isabelle McKewen

Prefect Delbeta: Jonathan Paul and Alana Vining

Prefect Hollingworth: Huy Nguyen and Truc Le

Chapel Prefects: Charlie Hannaway, Joshua Sanders, Jessica Harris and Codie Condos Distratis

International Prefects: Tianle Chen and Vidya S


House Vice-Captain Bow Qing Tian: Tatsu Takagi and Savannah Nguyen

House Vice-Captain Braithwaite: Brendan Stainer and Alannah Aldridge

House Vice-Captain Hollingworth: Keegan Jenkins and Angel Sun-Bin

House Vice-Captain Delbeta: Brayden Duggin and Emily Jaswinsky



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