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From December 2016 – We celebrated an extraordinary year


20161107-1015As we approach the new year we take the time to reflect on the school year just passed. We celebrated the extraordinary achievements of our students and teachers throughout the year.
Students represented the school in national and international problem-solving competitions, on the sporting field and in the performance arts, growing in confidence on every occasion.
Our Innovation Challenge saw teams of students of all ages interacting with Brisbane entrepreneurs who mentored them and adjudicated the competition. The St John’s community outreach focus continues to bring our students into contact with experiences and opportunities locally and globally.

Our focus on serving others, particularly in the local area, has seen our students’ active participation in Leo’s Club under the banner of Forest Lake Lions and for the Inala Homework Club
supporting refugee children. While the St John’s donation in sponsorship for the Brisbane western area’s annual Leukaemia Foundation’s Shave for a Cure was the largest ever, the
response to the Christmas Pantry Drive for St Hugh’s Anglican Church has also been extraordinary. Such is the generosity and community-mindedness of our students, staff and families.
St John’s was proud to host the annual Forest Lake Community Carol’s early in December on our College Oval once again, where hundreds of families joined together to celebrate Christmas with the Forest Lake churches and performance groups. Bringing the community together at that special time of ear to celebrate the birth of Christ was a great joy! You may have noticed the next stage of the Performing Arts Centre emerging from beside the Auditorium on College Avenue. The construction of Stage 2 will enhance existing teaching and learning spaces and will include an
entrance foyer, amenities and collaborative teaching spaces. St John’s recognises its place in the Brisbane Arts community and fosters the involvement of outside organisations in creating an
extraordinary hub for performers, city wide. We look forward to completion mid-2017.

We look forward to continuing to play a significant role in our community again in 2017.

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