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Senior School (Years 10-12)

Senior School at St John’s is a challenging and supportive environment, resulting in students who are courageous, respectful and driven to succeed. Reflecting our global focus, our senior curriculum draws from global best practice and prepares students for their vocational pathway of choice. As a result, our students develop the skills, wisdom and understanding needed to remain relevant and competitive in a changing world.

Senior School is for Years 10 to 12 and has a curriculum structured to prepare students for a range of post-school opportunities including tertiary education (university or TAFE) or a vocation of their choice. Your child is encouraged and assisted to choose a pathway through the Senior School that best suits their post-school aspirations and may lead to the award of a Queensland Certificate of Education plus an Australian Tertiary Admissions Rank (ATAR).

Our primary focus at St John’s is to assist our students to become lifelong learners and develop life skills that enable them to be capable and confident global citizens who are equipped for the challenge of any future.

Year 10

This foundation year is a time for students to make subject choices which will guide their future pathway options. The emphasis is on transition from middle years into preparation for the rigorous requirements of the final two years of schooling. The ‘move up’ to Senior School recognises the developing maturity of your child and with this comes more opportunities and responsibilities – and some important decisions about the future. A focus of the Year 10 program is the introduction of your child to the increased expectations of assessment in the Senior School.

Year 10 is the time for students to look ahead seriously, and choose their pathway through the Senior School with future study, career and vocation in mind. The kind of planning needed to make successful pathway choices and career decisions takes time, thought and research into the wide range of options available. Subject choice is a personal decision that requires a student to think carefully about what they are good at and what genuinely interests them. In choosing a pathway, students need to take time to think about possible careers and use the people around them, including parents, teachers and other advisers to discuss their interests, concerns and future plans. The graphic below presents the pathways through the senior school available at St John’s Anglican College.

Your child will have the opportunity to investigate the various subject offerings available in the Senior Years and will choose their subjects for Years 11 and 12 during Term Three of Year 10 and commence their Year 11 studies (Unit One) in Term Four of Year 10.

Core subjects in Year 10 include English, Mathematics – General Mathematics or Mathematical Methods, Science – Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Psychology, Social Science – History, Geography, Health and Physical Education, and Religious and Values Education.

In addition, your child will also select three elective subjects from Enterprise, Chinese, Drama, EALD Support, Hospitality Practices, Digital Solutions, Music, Physical Education, Design and Engineering Technology or Visual Art. All electives are subject to timetabling and demand to meet viable class numbers.

Years 11 and 12

During Term Three of Year 10, your child will select the six academic subjects that they will study in Years 11 and 12. In reaching this important decision, they can draw on the experiences that they have had trialling subjects in Years 9 and 10. Subjects offered include a wide range of general and applied subjects for students wishing to be awarded an ATAR as well as a number of VET Certificate III and IV courses. Listed below are the Year 11 and 12 subjects on offer at St John’s. For more information on all of our subjects and completion requirements for Senior please see our 2020 Year 11 / 12 Subject Handbook.

2020 Year 11 / 12 Subject Handbook