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All Things Science in Year Five


Science is alive and well in Year Five! During week three, the students were paid a visit by a Palaeontologist, Dr Anthony Romilio, who is based at the University of Queensland.

Dr Romilio is part of The University of Queensland’s growing Dinosaur Tracking Team. He has just returned from a field trip in Western Australia where he was researching Dinosaur footprints along Broome’s ‘Dinosaur Coast.’

Our students are currently exploring the Earth’s Place in Space. It was interesting for the children to ponder the age of the earth based on fossil evidence, and to then link the idea with the age of the universe! Now that’s an inquiry!

Our Year 5 students were able to use their inquiry skills to investigate up close the tooth of a T-Rex, the bone fragment of a stegosaurus and the foot prints of a dinosaur only 30 centimetres tall. Did you know the edge of a T-Rex tooth is serrated just like a steak knife?

“So what happens if they lose a tooth?” we asked.

Dr Romilio was bombarded with questions and has promised to come back next year in order to introduce a new group of Year Five students to the world of Dinosaurs. Who knows, after such an inspiring talk, one of our very own students may be working in the field of Palaeontology in the future!

Our Year Five and Six classes enjoy regular visits from a range of scientists who work in the fields of microbiology, palaeontology and geology. As a result, the students are able to realise that science is an important subject which can lead to a range of career pathways.

The Year 5 Teachers.


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