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Books, Books and More Books, Primary Celebrates Book Week!


Today, all Primary school students celebrated Book Week by dressing up as a character from their favourite book. Students from Prep to Year Six then participated in a parade, where three judges picked the winners from each year level. All students enjoyed showing off their costumes.

Thank you to our wonderful parents who came along to support the students.

Congratulations to the following students for their creativity:

Prep      Benjamin Hopewell, Eliana Thomsen

and Hayley Roberts

Year 1    Wesley Nichols and Yena Kwon

Year 2    Syamalan Bala Ganesh and Tahlia Pattie

Year 3    Deeptangsu Maitra and Grace Clarke

Year 4    Rohnan Yorke and Nadine Altawil

Year 5    Sebastian Anderson and Veronica Hogan

Year 6    Sam Nicholls and Jasmine Dogra

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