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New Football Academy – partnership with Lions FC


St John’s is pleased to announce the commencement of its Football Academy in partnership with the Lions Football Club’s community program. The Football Academy is a big step forward for St John’s Sporting Program. This partnership, commencing in 2018, will fit neatly into …

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If your child was involved in NAPLAN testing in 2017, I am sure like most parents, you would have had a slight feeling of uncertainty when the report recently arrived at your home. While the report itself is not complex, …

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Timing is Everything in Life


They say ‘timing is everything” and, this month, the completion of the final stage of the St John‘s Performing Arts Centre was just in time for the staging of Disney’s “The Little Mermaid”.  Exceptional learning opportunities for Performing Arts students …

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Why do mums and dads invest their time…..


Even before formal schooling begins, children love to dance, sing and act out stories! Performing in any of these mediums is one of the ways they express their innate creativity and develop their natural talent. Through these experiences, children become more spatially aware and …

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International Education – International Baccalaureate


It is essential that schools provide their students with strong skills in literacy and numeracy and St John’s Anglican College excels in this area with its explicit approach to teaching essential concepts. But a good education for children today must …

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