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Connecting with our Parent Community

Mon, 24/05/2021Posted by:

Offering parents a greater sense of belonging to the St John’s community through purposeful engagement is a key aspect of the Parents and Friends Association (P&F) and one of the main objectives of St John’s Social Enterprise.

This parent representative body of the College has enjoyed enthusiastic parental participation for many years, connecting and engaging the community through the shared importance of the College values.

Mr Roscoe Revelly, the 2021 P&F President said “the Association fosters the interests of the College and promotes good fellowship of the College community. It is an important part of the College community and contributes in many ways ultimately benefiting the most important asset we have, our children and their future.”

Through an elected Executive Committee with several subcommittees including sporting and performing arts, the P&F organise functions and offer services to raise funds to provide new, maintain or improve existing facilities at St John’s. Each year, in consultation with the College, fundraising objectives are established within each of the sub-committees and the whole College.

It was during 2020 that the St John’s community had an opportunity to contribute to the Strategic Enterprise Model Operational Plan with horizon thinking offering ideas on how to deepen the connection with the community and leverage the experience and skills of our parental network. It is from this engagement that several of the P&F fundraising objectives for 2021 have evolved.

The development of a community garden and coffee shop for our families and students on the Junior Campus is one key project. The P&F will seek to raise funds to purchase a commercial coffee machine for our parents to come together for a coffee catch up after school drop off or around College events. Together with coordinating the equipment and resources to build and maintain a community garden.

Volunteering is undoubtedly a great way to contribute to your community and being a part of St John’s P&F is not only rewarding and informative but above all fun. Active involvement will no doubt enhance your own journey with the College community.

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