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Early Years Conference


“Where the Wireless Things Are” was the theme for our Early Years Conference held in the Primary Library this week. Teachers from twenty two different schools around the state came to St John’s to learn about the use of technology in the Early Years. Kindergarten and the first years of formal schooling provide the foundation for all future learning and good teachers are always keen to ensure the right balance between purposeful play, explicit instruction and exposure to different technologies and learning experiences is provided in their teaching.

Our guest speaker at the Conference was Andrew Douch. A teacher and expert in the use of technology in education, Andrew has received national and international awards for his innovative teaching. Andrew is currently working with Monash University to help them ensure the very best teaching practices with technology are being used there. We were thrilled that he was able to be at St John’s this week and share his expertise with our Early Years teachers and teachers from other schools.

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