Little Saints Kindergarten and Early Years

Kindergarten to Year Two

Early Years

Your child is in the hands of highly qualified educational experts right from an early age.

Our teachers have developed highly effective early literacy and numeracy programs, in partnership with leading universities, and in collaboration with internationally regarded experts. 

We host an annual Early Years Conference which attracts teachers from across the state and our staff have been invited by the Queensland Studies Authority to contribute to the development of assessment processes for early years’ education.

In recognition of this expertise, St John’s was selected as a Centre of Excellence in mentoring pre-service teachers from Brisbane-based universities.

Little Saints Kindergarten

Please click here to read all about our innovative kindergarten which is proudly funded and supported by the Queensland Government.


The Prep Year lays a solid foundation for developing a positive attitude toward learning in a happy and stimulating environment. Children learn by observing, listening and experimenting, and make sense of their world by using imagination and reason.

Our Early Years Education Program focuses on important early learning skills for reading, writing and mathematics, and has been widely recognised as a model of excellence for teaching and learning. It also develops your child’s physical skills such as balance, hand-eye coordination and strength.

Our Prep classrooms are regularly visited by teachers from many other schools who are keen to observe our program in action. Leading academics have also publicly described our program as at the forefront of quality early education.

Years One and Two

By now your child is focusing on essential literacy and numeracy skills – reading, spelling, listening, writing and mathematics. All children are given the opportunity to learn these basics and students who require additional support or extension programs are identified and their individual needs met. Teachers continually monitor your child’s progress so they can specifically tailor teaching programs to their needs.

Our College’s Mathematics Program in these years is so highly regarded it forms the basis of a four-year Australian Research Council report into quality mathematics teaching. This research, conducted by academics from ACU and QUT, provided vital information for the National Curriculum. It is due acknowledgment of the exceptional skills of our staff.

During Years 1 and 2, your child will be introduced to Chess lessons which link to important mathematical concepts being taught. All children participate in our Chess Program, commencing in Semester Two on Year One and continuing on a weekly basis until the end of Year Two. This unique program develops your child’s strategic thinking and problem-solving skills.

In these years we also encourage children to be involved in our Enrichment Program which includes opportunities to participate in choirs, ensembles, modified sports and games, art clubs and worship groups.