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ABCC Vacation Care

ABCC Vacation Care is a place filled with play and new experiences for your child. Our educators work with you to ensure that your child’s experience is positive and fun, including a wide variety of play and recreational activities encouraging children’s imagination, leisure and learning while facilitating the development of peer groups and relationships with others.

Our Vacation care program includes a variety of on-site activities, incursions and excursions. We endeavour to give the children a variety of craft, games and activities but the main focus is on having fun.

Vacation Care bookings must be made on the booking form. Bookings need to be received by the booking date to ensure a place for your child at ABCC during the vacation period. We understand circumstances may change and you may require care after Vacation Care has commenced. Every effort will be made to accommodate your child however educator ratios may at times restrict numbers and late bookings.

Vacation Care Fees

effective 1 January 2022

$255.006:45am to 6:00pm5 days in 1 week - booked and paid by due date
6:45am to 6:00pmSingle day - booked and paid by due date
6:45am to 6:00pmSingle day - booked after due date and paid by due date
Half Day$27.006:45am to 12:30pm
Half day (morning) - booked and paid by due date
Half Day$27.001:00pm to 6:00pmHalf day (afternoon) - booked and paid by due date
10-Day Fortnight
$457.007:00am to 5:00pmAll 10 days in CCS fortnight - booked and paid by due date. Fee will be adjusted after attendance.
Other Fees

Administration Fee $30.00 per week per child
Late Pick-Up Fee $26.90 per 1/2 hour per child
Non-Booking Fee $8.60 per attendance per child

2022 Vacation Care Fee Schedule


2022 ABCC Vacation Care Terms and Conditions


Vacation Care Program and Booking Forms

The Vacation Care program and booking form for the upcoming holiday period are now available.

Vacation Care Program - April 2022


Vacation Care Booking Form - April 2022

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