A key feature of this initiative is a new mandatory subject for all Year 10 students to replace the current business and work education courses.

We find most students already select business electives because a growing number of graduates aren’t going straight into job placement, but creating their own businesses and all graduates will need enterprise-related skills.

So we have redesigned the course to help those young entrepreneurs achieve their goals and ambitions.

Enterprise Education is helping to make your child future-proof.

The old business course teaches the building blocks of business. Some may find it a bit boring.

Enterprise Education is anything but boring.

For example, as part of the course, students create a business, market it, sell their products and services at a special market day and turn a profit.Together with our STEM Institute, Enterprise Education provides the building blocks for businesses to grow.

It’s great fun and many parents who run small businesses endorse market day, saying it’s a great innovation. They should know!

We want our graduates to leave here with the competence to not only create their own business but to be of more value to their future employers.

Enterprise Education helps your child develop entrepreneurial, life and employment skills to prepare them for life beyond the school.

It has a particular emphasis on financial and enterprise capability as well as economic and business understanding.

We like to think Enterprise Education is creating the entrepreneurs of the future.