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Eric Bailey Motivates St John’s Students


Eric Bailey, Professional Basketball Player and Guest Speaker joined us at the College for an inspirational talk about his life. This inspired St John’s Year 10, 11 and 12 students to achieve their goals, as long as they never give up and believe within themselves.

Today, Eric is a very successful person, however his life did not begin in his favour. During his speech, he explained that he was born premature and as a result, he was diagnosed with a congenital deformity of the knee joint. Eric’s parents were also unable to care for a disabled child and decided to put him up for adoption.

After years, Eric was adopted by a family who lived in South Central, Los Angeles, which exposed him to crime and poverty. When Eric was 14 he was approached by the school basketball coach and was asked to try out for the team. He explained that during this first game he did not really enjoy the game. Half way through he was convinced he should give up, however Eric’s coach saw the potential in him and in response asked, “If you made it in Basketball is there anyone who you could help”?

Eric agreed to join the team, which then meant spending many hours on basketball training and studying for school. Later he was accepted into Boise State University and was also awarded a Basketball Scholarship. To his excitement he was accepted into the National Basketball League in Australia and played for over 12 years.

In telling his story, Eric’s main goal was to motivate all students to dream big, never give up and to believe in the power from within. Eric left the students to think about the following quote, “Your future depends on what you do in the present”.


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