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From April 2016 – E3 Style Pty Ltd at the Annual St John’s Business Breakfast


What a great motivator it was for St John’s Senior Business students to hear from Ms Vanessa Garrard, CEO and Founder of E3 Style Pty Ltd at the Annual t John’s Business Breakfast where the influence of our powerful network of business partnerships impacts the quality of their learning experiences as they prepare for their future.  We were pleased to have Minister for Science and Innovation and Minister for Small Business, Ms Leeanne Enoch MP, who holds portfolios aligned with this topic, join us on this occasion.

This event in our calendar originated as a means of ensuring that our Senior Business Students had the opportunity to learn about networks and how important they are in the world of business. However, much more was provided as Ms Garrard took them through the establishment of her IT businesses.Minister Enoch with Deputy Principal Curriculum, Glenn Johnson

The following week saw the students attending the international Fast Forward Your Business Conference, a two-day workshop for entrepreneurs held in Brisbane. Students established a crowd funding page to help them raise the required funds to attend the conference with a complementary Social Impact Project developed as well. Valuable lessons on growing business systems, value propositions and customer relationships, resilience and tenacity were provided. Some St John’s students have already taken the challenge, establishing small businesses and developing networks. Many of our Old Collegians, such as Sarah Timmerman, Young Entrepreneur of the Year for Retail in 2014, are providing fine role models in this regard.

St John’s prepares our students for a very different world where students will need to be very good communicators, collaborators, critical and creative thinkers who have a sound values base and are of good character. At the Council level our Innovation Reference Group investigates advances in the Entrepreneurship and Digital Economy, in Science and Technology; and, at the school level our recently launched STEM Institute will complement our Future Thinkers program by providing opportunities for St John’s students to deepen their knowledge of how these skills can be used in Science, Technology Engineering and Mathematics. We recognise that the world of Business is integral to our student’s development and these experiences are preparing them to make that first step.

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