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From August 2016 – Leading in Learning and Learning to Lead


St John’s Anglican College is well known in the community as the school of excellence in the provision of outstanding learning opportunities for its students. It is known as a leader in learning. However, St John’s students do not only have the advantage of high-quality academic programs, they also benefit from pastoral care and personal development opportunities. This includes the fostering of leadership abilities.

Research shows that experiences in early childhood have an impact on adult leadership potential. Personal traits such as the motivation to achieve, self-confidence and the ability to understand and respond appropriately to other people are influenced by experiences prior to adulthood. This is why our programs at St John’s encourage the development leadership skills as well as academic, cultural and sporting excellence.

From Kindergarten to Year 12 students learn that leadership is not about enjoying privileges and giving instructions to others. Instead, leadership is about ‘standing up’ for what is right, serving others and doing your best. Our students across the year levels have many opportunities to learn how to lead.

All of these opportunities and many more give St John’s students the advantage of growing into people of influence, who will contribute positively to their community in the future. The staff at St John’s greatly value the important role they play in guiding their students along the path of learning and leadership.

Parents can also help their children develop leadership skills by encouraging the following qualities:

  • A positive attitude – teach your child to say ‘Yes I can!’.
  • Commitment – teach your child that it is OK to make mistakes and to ask, ‘What can I learn from this experience?’
  • Overcoming Adversity – help your child to say, ‘It’s not a problem, it’s just a challenge’. Help them to problem solve.
  • Perseverance – help your children to understand the power of not quitting.
  • Excellence – teach your children to say, ‘I will always do my best’ and encourage them to always do their personal best.

We invite you to experience leadership in action at St John’s.

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