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From July 2016 – You will be amazed like our grandparents are!


Recently our Primary school was filled with absolute joy during our annual Grandparents Day. It was wonderful to see the smiles on the faces of our students and their visiting grandparents and to hear their conversations. Grandparents were amazed by the classroom activities St John’s students are engaged in. From writing code for web pages to learning Chinese, participating in PYP units of inquiry, hands-on Maths activities and reading using QR codes. Our grandparents were astounded at how much school has changed.

It is an essential element of St John’s that family and extended family are included as part of the St John’s community. Children gain so many benefits from opportunities to perform, speak in front of an audience, explain their learning and ‘teach’ others. These experiences cement their understanding of knowledge and give them confidence to showcase their skills and ideas.

For example, learning how to write code for a web page takes a new way of thinking with some likening it to learning another language. When a student is learning code they have a far greater chance of remembering the steps and the code if they teach someone else how to do it. The majority of our visiting grandparents are unlikely to remember the coding they witnessed on Grandparents Day, but for the students who demonstrated and explained coding, their understanding and memory of the steps will have been strengthened significantly.

Another way in which students can strengthen their learning is through talking to their parents about the PYP units of inquiry they have been studying. At St John’s we encourage our students to reflect on their learning and talking with others is great way to reflect.img_9639

We would like to invite you to St John’s because we know you will be very impressed by the learning that takes place.

You will be amazed like our grandparents are!



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