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From March 2016 – St John’s launches STEM Institute

St John’s STEM Institute

With the World Science Festival here in Brisbane this year it seemed like the perfect moment to launch the .last week, starting with the annual STEM Forum for around 100 students from 5 local schools, including our sister school The Springfield Anglican College, hosted by our students and staff.  The theme of this year’s Forum was Robotics and Nanotechnology and students were involved in workshops on Ozobots and Robotics conducted by UQ Ambassadors. Our Guest Speaker for the day was Dr Tanveer Hussain, UQ, Australian Institute for Bioengineering and Nanotechnology. This was a very enjoyable day and a fine opportunity for sharing and networking between teachers and students in an area vital to future work for our students. We are very grateful to the University of Queensland, our partners in this venture.


The STEM Institute brings together teachers and students from Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics providing extension opportunities for students from both primary and secondary year levels to immerse themselves in these vital areas. St John’s STEM institute will foster a passion in the next generation of leaders to meet the challenges of the global society by developing their skills in communication, innovation, collaboration and creative problem solving. I am really looking forward to each event initiated by the STEM team.


As well, we are very excited to have six teams of the 80 chosen world-wide in the finals for the Conrad Spirit of Innovation Challenge, at the Kennedy Space Centre, Florida, USA. Twenty six students will travel to NASA in April to present their project solutions in a range of areas such as Aeronautics and Aviation, Energy and the Environment, Technology and Security and Health. Congratulations to our Future Thinkers who will represent St John’s, the only Australian school at this prestigious event for the second year in a row.


For more information about the St John’s STEM Institute and how it can benefit your child’s future please visit our website.

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