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From the Principal – March 2021

Mon, 22/03/2021Posted by:

I would like to start by acknowledging the fantastic team in our Marketing and Development department for their creativity, collaboration, and connectivity within our College and our wider community members. We place a high value on developing strong relationships in and out of the classroom, throughout the College and beyond. Education at St John’s is about connectedness and collaboration; about developing students who are meta-critical participants in the learning process and well-practised at critical thinking, goal setting and reflection. The notion of lifelong learning is always front and centre.

The relational aspect of teacher and student is one where we aim to build on students’ success through a research-based, mapped, and sequential program where the focus is on developing the whole learner to ensure continued success. John Hattie, Professor Education and Director of the Melbourne Education Research Institute, University of Melbourne said “it is the teachers who have created positive teacher-student relationships that are more likely to have the above-average effects on student achievement.”  (Visible Learning for Teacher – Maximizing Impact on Learning).  St John’s Pastoral Care teams, Curriculum teams and Teachers from Kindergarten to Year 12, in their capacity as mentors and role models, enable our students and parents to explore, understand and flourish in so many ways because of the quality and nature of the relationships.

In our Strategic Enterprise Model, the Faith Mission and Wellbeing Enterprise with the multifaceted programs supports students to achieve their potential just as the Personal Learning and Success Enterprise where learning comes alive! It is part of our strategic thinking and embedded in the culture of the College. The synergy between Wellbeing and Academics is the very core of what makes St John’s Anglican College so special.




Mrs Maria McIvor