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Global Education at St John’s


At St John’s, our globally rich education is not simply focused on learning information about the world and finding out interesting facts about interesting places. Instead, our global education promotes international mindedness which allows students to understand the interdependence of human society, value diversity and take action on their knowledge, to seek ways of building a sustainable and peaceful world.
The International Baccalaureate, Primary Years Program (PYP) is the framework we use to teach the key learning areas, international mindedness and important concepts such as change, rights and responsibilities, poverty and wealth, identity and diversity.
The PYP greatly enhances the Australian curriculum which on its own, can be very content heavy and taught in a manner that omits deep understanding of essential concepts and global perspectives. As an independent school, we are fortunate to have the flexibility to present the curriculum in exciting and ‘life-worthy’ ways. If you take a quick wander around St John’s primary you will see clear evidence of our globally focused education with world
religions being explored in Year Six, mapping taking in place in buddy activities between Year Four and Year One, science experiments in Year Five investigating global water loss, Chinese being taught in all year levels from Kindergarten, problem solving in STEM Club, questions on display in every room, just to name a few.
Our school is a-buzz with learning and it is so rewarding for our teachers to see the delight on the faces each student as they share their understanding of concepts and apply their learning to something new. To keep up to date, our teachers are regularly being upskilled and participate in online and face to face professional development courses. Currently we have six primary teachers who are studying online through Harvard University. Our teachers
are also involved in two research projects through Independent Schools Queensland (ISQ). These projects involve our teachers collecting data on learning and pedagogy and tracking the results. All of these initiatives mean that St John’s is a leader in the field of education and other schools regularly visit to learn from us.
It is wonderful to see the dedication and professionalism of our teaching team. Families can be very confident in knowing our teachers aim to be educators of the highest calibre and expertise and they are well equipped to provide a world class education for your children.

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