Homestay Accommodation

Your child will enjoy staying with a local family as part of our Homestay Accommodation Program.

Your child will enjoy staying with a local family as part of our Homestay Accommodation Program.

Homestay families may be relatives of the student, or families carefully screened and approved by the College. Our Homestay families have easy access to the College and provide a supportive and caring environment for students as they treat them as part of the family.

St John’s carefully selects Homestay families, to ensure your child is given the best possible opportunity to understand the Australian way of life and to practice their English.

Our International College employs a Homestay Coordinator  who who ensures that:

  • Each long-term student has their own room with a bed, desk, wardrobe and study lamp;
  • Three meals a day are provided by the Homestay family (breakfast, packed lunch and dinner);
  • Homestay families are visited regularly to ensure that standards are adhered to and that your child feels welcome and happy;
  • All Homestay families live within walking distance, are on bus routes to and from St John’s, or can arrange suitable transportation for your child to and from school. All Homestay families must live within 30-40 minutes’ travel time of the school; and
  • All Homestay families have received a security clearance from the Queensland Government.

Families are selected because of their ability to provide a stable, safe and caring environment for all students. Families who have children attending St John’s Anglican College are given priority to host international students.


Homestay Training Procedure v2

Homestay Training Procedure v2

Accommodation and Welfare v2 March 2019

Homestay Code of Conduct v3 March 2019

Safeguarding Our Students Student Protection Policy Procedures Guide

Homestay Guidelines for Long Term Students 3.0

Insurance Guidelines for Homestay Families 3.0


Homestay Family Application 3.0

Homestay Self Risk Assessment Form 3.0

Homestay Terms and Conditions 3.0


Homestay Family Handbook