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Humans of St John’s

Thu, 23/06/2022Posted by:

Welcome to the latest edition of Humans of St John’s featuring our new Head of House (Acting) for Archerfield and Secondary English Teacher, Mr Stephen Kilgour.

Since I was a young child, I have had a passion for learning. I was taught to read early, and my parents ensured that there were always books to read at home. I enjoyed reading about science, history, and the world around me as well as any novels I could find (in addition to any automotive magazines I could get my hands on!).

In my final years of school, I studied Physics, Chemistry, Economics, and Maths. Whilst I enjoyed the learning and the challenges that these subjects brought; my English teacher showed me the joy that truly understanding literature can bring. This led me to deciding to pursue a career as an English teacher so that I too could share  my love of learning with young people. It is a vocation for which my love only increases with every year.

Although I held a position as an EAL/D teacher at a university in Lima, Peru, during a brief hiatus in my university studies, I began my career as a fully qualified teacher in the north-western suburbs of Melbourne as a senior English teacher. During this time, I also held the position of Year 11 Co-ordinator.

While I have lived and worked in a number of places throughout my life, I have always felt that my roots are in the Albury region. It was the place where I was born, the place where I received my schooling, and the place to which I returned for four years of my career. However, we concluded that we needed to move to a capital city and settled on Brisbane due to more pleasant weather than southern capitals (though I still miss Albury’s winter weather).

I joined St John’s at the beginning of 2019 and have looked after an Archerfield home group from then until I was given my new recent opportunity to act in the role as Head of House. What I enjoy most about working at St John’s is watching students mature both as unique individuals and as scholars. We also have the privilege at St John’s of working in a genuine community environment where every staff member truly has the best interests of the students at heart.

In the role, I would like to create a microcosm of the St John’s community within Archerfield where every student feels like they have a safe place within their home group and within Archerfield, where every parent can be secure in the knowledge that their child has strong pastoral support structures at St John’s, and where every teacher feels like they are part of a team dedicated to the continual betterment of Archerfield. As an Archerfield community, I would like every student and teacher to be constantly asking themselves the question: “What can I do better?” and to then act on that reflection.

Outside of work, I cherish the time I am able to spend with my family. I have a young daughter and it is particularly special to be able to experience new things with her and share experiences she loves. She even enjoys coming to the occasional car show with me!