International families message to St John’s

I attended my daughter’s Hong Kong Parents’ Function today and have benefited significantly. Thanks to Ms Bain , Mrs Hinchliffe and Mrs Sun who travelled all the way from Australia to share the latest news of my girl’s school and social life. The conversations we had have eased some of my worries. I appreciate the love and care you have shown my daughter.

The function also provides a wonderful forum for me, by meeting other parents. I am pleased to meet my daughter’s best friend’s parents and I hope that both of you will take care and help each other in your new country.

It is pleasing to know that Jiaqi has improved significantly in her studies. It proves that as long as you study hard you will achieve great results. The knowledge you gain today is the tool you have when you enter the workforce tomorrow. There is no short cut in life, you can only rely on your hard work and intelligence to realise your dream. Continue exercising, living fully and study happily.

Ms Ma