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International Finals of the Global Issues Problems Solving Competition


Last year St John’s students won the National Finals of the Global Issues Problem Solving Competition in Melbourne so recently students flew to La Crosse Wisconsin in the USA and participated in the International Finals of the Global Issues Problem Solving Senior Competition.

At La Crosse University, there was never a dull moment over the four day competition with thousands of students from across t he world participating. In the competition they were presented with a future scenario regarding the reintroduction of plant species that had been stored in a seed bank at the bottom of the Pacific Ocean into the Puerto Rican environment. The students identified 16 challenges, an underlying problem, came up with 16 solutions, developed criteria, ranked their best choices according to this criteria and came up with an Action Plan which best implemented the reintroduction of this particular plant species.

St John’s students successfully applied themselves and did the College proud with their positive attitudes!

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