Little Saints Kindergarten

Children learn in an environment of support, trust, respect and care where our nurturing staff carefully tailor the Kindergarten Program for each child.

They are encouraged to actively follow their interests and investigate their queries.

Staff are on hand to guide your child, challenge them to develop higher-order thinking and encourage their personal growth.

Your child will be motivated as an individual as well as being encouraged to learn in a collaborative environment with their class mates.

We are committed to helping your child learn through play and adapt our program to reflect individual and group needs.

The result is an expressive, creative and flexible education program which allows staff and parents to negotiate experiences to reflect the current contexts and cultures.

Our Program Goals:

  • To respect, honour and celebrate the uniqueness of each individual child, supporting their understanding of their own identity within a multicultural community
  • To create opportunities for each child to use and develop their natural curiosity – to seek, wonder and question
  • To extend each child to explore and acquire further skills in areas of social, emotional, physical, linguistic, cognitive and spiritual growth
  • To provide opportunities for each child to express themselves and to represent their thinking and understanding through varied language, art, drama, music and movement experiences
  • To ensure each child has opportunities to use a range of critical and creative thinking strategies and processes
  • To recognise that this is the first stage in a continuing education process for life and to work in partnership with parents to support the child’s preparation for more formal learning environments.

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* Little Saints Kindergarten is proudly funded and supported by the Queensland Government 

Little Saints Kindergarten Child and Youth Risk Management Strategy