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More about our 2016 Graduates


Congratulations to our 2016 Graduates on their excellent Year 12 results, very pleasingly above the State Average. Most importantly, pathways to further studies of their choice are now open to our graduates. We eagerly look forward to keeping in touch with them as Old Collegians and hearing of their future success.

Close to 88% of OP eligible students of which there were 80, received between an OP 1 – 15 and 25% of students received an OP 1-5. Particular congratulations to Dominic Bowden and Chloe de Nys for receiving OP scores of 1; Bhavik Barot and    Codie Condos Distratis for OP scores of 2; and to Huy Nguyen, Jonathan Reid and Tianle (Tim) Chen for OP scores of 3. It is the continued diligence and commitment of our students, supported by caring and capable teachers from the Early Years through to Year 12 that sets St John’s apart from other schools in delivering these outcomes for our young people.

Our graduates have also the opportunity to undertake Vocational Education and Training (VET) pathways in their senior years. In 2016 twelve students completed a Certificate III course through St John’s in partnership with Axiom College and Binnacle College. A further two students completed a Certificate IV course. These courses not only provided these students with a nationally recognised qualification but gave them a tertiary entrance rank
equivalent to either an OP 15 for the Certificate III courses or an OP 12 for the Certificate IV courses. Many of these students have gone on to tertiary courses or have taken up traineeships or apprenticeships.

Applications to QTAC for tertiary study were made by 81 of our year 12 graduates, 60% of whom received their first preference university course and a further 20% receiving their second preference. First round offers were received by 97% of our graduates. The University of Queensland was the most popular choice with 41 students having it as their first preference.

Health,followed by Engineering and then Law, Management and Commerce were the most popular courses chosen.
It is the continued diligence and commitment of our students, supported by quality teaching from caring and capable teachers from the Early Years through to Year 12 that sets St John’s apart from other schools in delivering these excellent outcomes for our young people. Congratulations to all involved.

We look forward to continue to welcome new families with our first Open Day for 2017 being Saturday, 25 February from 9am to 12noon.

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