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Why do mums and dads invest their time…..


Even before formal schooling begins, children love to dance, sing and act out stories! Performing in any of these mediums is one of the ways they express their innate creativity and develop their natural talent. Through these experiences, children become more spatially aware and agile. Their grasp of oral language develops with each opportunity to perform. Alone or with an audience, they build confidence and selfesteem.
This innate creativity must be nurtured and encouraged throughout schooling, so that they are well prepared to fully participate in successful working lives. We know that the future for many of our young people will involve starting their own businesses, working in teams solving problems and using creative thinking skills at work and in community life.
At St John’s we create learning opportunities where children’s natural talents are likely to flourish and as such we are absolutely delighted that the second stage of our Performing Arts Centre is almost complete. This exciting new venue will be the scene of many extraordinary learning opportunities and sets the stage for students’ natural talents to thrive.Recently, the Brisbane Performing Arts Challenge (BPAC), hosted by St John’s, took the stage for ten days of high-quality performances showcasing natural and emerging talent of dance students. Hundreds of children from Brisbane, and indeed South East Queensland, gathered at St John’s for BPAC this year. The range and depth of talent was breathtaking!

Performing Arts Centre of Excellence school musical
Why do mums and dads invest their time and energy taking their children to dance schools, and to music, voice, and speech and drama lessons? They recognise, as we at St John’s recognise, how fundamental creativity is to future success in life and they want the best opportunities for their children.
We acknowledge that a diversity of talent, ability and intelligence exists and we strive to find what excites the spirit and passion of each young person.
I hope you will make the opportunity to experience this exciting facility to enjoy St John’s production of Disney’s The Little Mermaid on 13, 14 and 15 July or on our next Open Morning on Saturday, 19 August.


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