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New Football Academy – partnership with Lions FC


St John’s is pleased to announce the commencement of its Football Academy in partnership with the Lions Football Club’s community program. The Football Academy is a big step forward for St John’s Sporting Program. This partnership, commencing in 2018, will fit neatly into our membership of the TAS sporting competition. St John’s is a member of TAS, the premier coeducational sporting association in SE Qld, providing access for our primary and secondary students to school and representative competitions. The Academy will include coaching for all our TAS Football teams, school programs and holiday clinics as well as high quality coaching for both in primary and secondary students.

Head of Sport, Melanie Gramenz outlined the direction and benefits the program will provide for the College. “This partnership will allow St John’s Football to kick off to a new level in 2018 when Lions Football Club will provide professional coaches for the after-school Football Academy and TAS Programs. Students at St John’s will benefit from this exciting prospect as the Lions will provide a wealth of coaching expertise, exposure to a high level of competition and pathways to further develop their Football skills” she said.

Lions FC Sports Development Officer, Nathan Shepherd who has been working on building close ties with footballing schools in the community helping to take Football coaching and player participation to another level said “to have a school like St John’s Anglican College on board shows the direction the club and football is taking in the area. Lions FC takes great pride in building relationships in the community. This partnership will allow the Club to support the Football Academy and work alongside the established coaches by bringing the FFA Curriculum and The Lions Way to coaching setup and playing style. Our involvement also provides an opportunity for our coaches to keep an eye out for talent and bring them into the NPL or SAP programs as required.”

Our students will gain enormous benefit from their involvement in our Football Academy, developing their talents, fitness and focus on the game. Involvement in team sport is known to develop student’s confidence which transfers to their ability focus on success in their studies. Students who do well academically at St John’s are motivated to make sport an integral part of their lives, developing strong teamwork, social and life skills as a result. Our partnership with Lions Football Club will take this to a new level!


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