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Night at the Cathedral


The Anglicare fundraiser, run by the St John’s Cathedral provided a fun and meaningful way to get involved in fundraising. During this time, we learnt about the struggles that homeless people face every day.  Whilst it was wonderful to be able to help people who are less fortunate it was very confronting to learn how many people are homeless due to losing their jobs or being forced out onto the streets. This is also when individuals are faced with problems including drugs, alcohol and violence.

In order to help these individuals, I became committed to raising $100 for the Anglicare. In order to generate revenue, I decided to sell cold soft drinks to students at St John’s. This turned out to be a great way of raising funds. As a result of my success I was offered the opportunity to sleep overnight in St John’s Cathedral, located in Brisbane CBD from Friday, 3 June until Saturday, 4 June. I was very privileged to be invited to attend this event with 10 other fellow class members. There was a total of 120 students who had attended from other Anglican Schools.

The night was full of exciting activities and little sleep. Some of the activities included a photo treasure hunt, which was not an easy task in such a large Cathedral and also a trivia quiz.

This overall experience was rather unique as we were required to sleep on cardboard, on the floor of the Cathedral. I’m extremely glad that I took this opportunity to be involved as it taught me that with a good plan, a desire to help, the right attitude and goals that anything can be achieved. 

Ben Dunkley, St John’s student


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