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2023 College Captains image

2023 College Captains

Meet our 2023 College Captains, Lincoln Maufoe and Mikayla Braithwaite

Lincoln and Mikayla share their thoughts, hopes and captaincy goals for 2023 in what will be their final year at the College.

What one thing do you want to achieve in 2023 in your captaincy role?

“I would like to build upon the already thriving culture here at St John’s, where people embrace and celebrate each other’s differences.” – Lincoln

“My goal for 2023 is to encourage every student to get involved in the College community. By doing this the students will find they have enhanced their school experience.” – Mikayla

At the end of 2023, how do you wish to be remembered?

“I want to be remembered not only as a College Captain, but as a fellow student who is reliable and approachable. I  would like to leave a lasting legacy about a leader who made a difference at St John’s.” – Lincoln

“I’d like to be remembered by spreading kindness and enthusiasm throughout the College community. I would like to make every student feel welcome and included. ” – Mikayla

What do you think are the most important qualities of an effective leader?

“Personally, I admire a leader who has integrity and who is humble. To me, that leader understands what’s right from wrong, and considers themself an equal.” – Lincoln

“Some qualities that stand out to me is having the desire to make a difference, someone who can teach others to aspire to be themself no matter what.” – Mikayla

What advice would you give an aspiring student leader?

“Two things:

  1. Try your best to be as balanced as you can. Don’t try to be focused in one area of life more than the other. Although easier said than done, it is very helpful in clearing your mind and focusing for the challenges that face ahead.
  2. Don’t be afraid to ask for help. Some leaders think they bear all of the responsibility and are expected to do things without help. That’s just not the case. It is important that you have a support system around, whether it be fellow leaders, teachers or family. When the going gets tough, you should not be ashamed to lean on someone for help.”

“To take any opportunity that is presented to you, have positive thoughts and to use your time wisely, you have to create a balance between schoolwork and extra-curriculum activities.” – Mikayla

We wish Lincoln and Mikayla all the very best for 2023 and look forward to sharing their captaincy journey with the St John’s College community.