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2024 College Captains image

2024 College Captains

Meet our 2024 College Captains, Jack Bartlett and Sahana Sathananthan

Jack and Sahana share their thoughts, hopes and captaincy goals for 2024 in what will be their final year at the College.

What one thing do you want to achieve in 2024 in your captaincy role?

“One thing I aim to achieve in 2024 is developing my leadership skills. When I say this, I don’t just mean in myself as I still have a lot to learn but also in all the Junior and Senior students at St John’s. One way this could be achieved is through more school interactions in which both cohorts will learn from each other and develop these skills.” – Jack

“In my captaincy role for 2024, my goal is to inspire and empower students to have the courage to achieve their goals by fostering a place of growth. I want to help the students to get involved in our College Community. Moreover, I think students getting involved in various events and extra-curricular’s provides them a platform to learn the soft skills needed to be successful in life after their time at St John’s.” –  Sahana

At the end of 2024, how do you wish to be remembered?

“I wish to be remembered as a leader who strengthened the St Johns culture and influenced students and the community to feel included and involved in school activities. I also wish that the leadership team are remembered as inspiring leaders for the younger years to look up to and connect with for a stronger school community.” – Jack

“At the end of 2024, I wish to be remembered as a friendly and passionate student who wholeheartedly embraced the goals and values of my fellow students. I aim to be remembered as a leader who lent a helping hand to all in need, with an emphasis on embodying integrity and empathy. Above all, my desire is to be acknowledged as someone who left a positive imprint on the lives of those within the St John’s community, hopefully inspiring them to carry forward this legacy for the years to come.” – Sahana

What do you think are the most important qualities of an effective leader?

“Empathy, respect, and integrity are the most important qualities to have as an effective leader. These make a great leader as it is what makes those around you trust you and be able to express their ideas. Being able to be a role model for others to follow is also an important quality because there are going to be people who follow what you do. This means that setting an example is crucial to being an effective leader.” – Jack

“I think for a leader to be effective they must realise that humanness is what brings us together and it is always important to remain authentic, passionate, and empathetic. Remaining true to one’s values while acknowledging and respecting the perspectives of others is essential for leaders to foster a broad, inclusive viewpoint that enables them to bond and build meaningful connections with people. Moreover, these values are key in inciting discussion and gaining the trust of fellow peers.” – Sahana

What advice would you give an aspiring student leader?

“To an inspiring young leader, I would tell them to go out there and give everything a go. Everyone can be a leader you just have to be able to put yourself out there and be comfortable with yourself. Also, do not let people tell you what you can or can’t do, you are the one who decides that so if you want it to happen you make it happen. You do not have to be demanding or controlling but try to be a good listener. Everyone has good ideas so great communication makes a team thrive. Enhancing this comfortability in a group and getting the best of everyone around you is what makes a good leader.” – Jack

“I would recommend that you remain authentic to your true self, as your core values will serve as your compass on your leadership journey. It’s crucial to maintain a strong passion for your goals while also effectively managing your time and balancing life’s demands. There are multiple opportunities at St John’s, and I would encourage you to get involved in as many as possible while also making sure to maintain balance in your schoolwork and co-curricular activities. Finally, it’s important to realise that this journey is not something you need to take alone, and if you are struggling know that help will always be given at St John’s to those who ask for it.” – Sahana