Outdoor Education

All children thrive on our extensive Outdoor Education Program which starts in Prep and builds through the Year levels.

Education doesn’t just happen within four walls.

It’s important for your child to venture out of the classroom environment to enjoy a different, immersive experience in the world around them, both here and overseas.

Our Outdoor Education and Travel Program challenges your child to grow by taking away their safety net in a safe and supportive environment.

Your child will experience new and exciting locations and countries while learning important skills in team building, leadership, decision-making, problem-solving and resilience.

Children in the Early Years ( Prep to Year 2) enjoy a day camp at school (an incursion). The program progresses at a measured pace through the year levels. Year Three children are the first age group to experience an overnight camp, spending a night away from home.

Distance from home and the number of nights away increase through the year levels to Year 11 when students stay three nights in northern New South Wales.

School camps provide your child with the opportunity to make new friends, set their own goals and develop their self-confidence.

Duke of Edinburgh Award

As an extension of our Outdoor Education Program, the College offers the Duke of Edinburgh Awards Program to students 14 years and above allowing them to complete their bronze, silver and gold levels. All Adventurous Journeys are planned by the students but they are accompanied by College staff and an experienced and accredited trekking guide.