Performing Arts Centre of Excellence

You won’t be bored! Does your child desire to be part of a great Performing Arts Team?

Then the Performing Arts Department at St John’s has an Ensemble, Troupe or Performance group suited to them.

Working together to create something great is not only fantastic to build up and extend your child’s gifts and talents, it also develops confidence, improves their mental health and creates memories that will last a lifetime. 

St John’s Anglican College offers dynamic academic programs from Prep through to Year 12 in the Arts. Through learning music, brain development is improved and students get the thrill of playing music and composing songs. They will also develop skills for life-long learning.

Drama develops confidence and provides your child with skills needed throughout their lives and an understanding of various styles of theatre and performance techniques. 

Classroom Music and Drama build from Prep to Year 12 in skills, difficulty and performance opportunities. Great entertainment is created through developing talent and appreciating and experiencing a variety of styles. This is nurtured at St John’s through the Arts subjects.

Along with classroom subjects our Extra-Curricular groups and activities that will thrill you.

These include:

  • Musicals  (Every 2nd Year)
  • Wind Symphony
  • Stage Band
  • Dance troupes (Primary, Intermediate and Senior)
  • String ensembles (Beginner to advanced)
  • Drama Troupes (Secondary)
  • Drama Club (Primary)

Students involved in performance groups not only develop team skills but also improve socially and in their leadership abilities.

So join the fun, perfect your skills, and let’s entertain and bring joy to the world. You won’t be bored!