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Production of ‘Matilda’ by St John’s Primary Drama Club


On the evening of Tuesday 15 November students from the Primary Drama Club, made up of students from Year Four to Six, took to the stage to perform their very own production of ‘Matilda’.

What an exciting and enlightening opportunity this was for our students to run their own production, which also included elements such as backstage crew. With the guidance of Mrs Genevieve Masel and Mrs Jodie Coates, the students were able to experience and learn new ideas of prop, costume and stage design.

In preparation for the production students devoted one lunchtime per week to rehearse. Closer to the time of the performance students participated in extended rehearsals to ensure that their show was polished.

The evening performance was very successful. Many members of our College community attended as well as students and staff. We thank the Primary Drama Club, Mrs Jodie Coates and Mrs Genevieve Masel for their hard work and dedication.

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