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Queensland Core Skills Test – 2016


For the next two days Year 12 students will sit the Queensland Core Skills Test, a four-part series of exams. As St John’s students knuckle down to the task it is worth thinking about the purpose of such a large scale testing regime.
Each test is presented in a different format from writing, to multiple choice questions to short responses to complex questions. Overall the tests seek to gather information about student’s capabilities in a range of areas commonly known as literacy, numeracy, higher order thinking skills and problem solving.
In the past two years the world has changed dramatically due to unprecedented developments in digital technology. Teacher’s work is also changing rapidly as we prepare young people for the knowledge era, in which all of the above skills provide the foundation for success in work and further study. All of these skills have been taught within and across the subject areas chosen by each student. We know our students have been well prepared in class and in our special test preparation courses.
From 2019, the Core Skills Tests as we know them today will not be conducted as a set of four exams. Still, success in these fundamental skills will remain as an indicator of suitability for particular fields of study or work readiness. They will instead be tested within an external exam in each subject chosen by the student.
Either way St John’s teachers are expert practitioners in preparing students for their final examinations. I know our 2016 Year 12 graduates have been well prepared for their futures whatever the pathway to their careers.

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